Accounting Audit and Advisory

Accounting Audit and Advisory

We empower every local and multinational organisation in Africa with the financial master plan that efficiently suits every stage of your business lifecycle. Each day has its own challenges, from compliance to cross-practice support to any regulatory requirements, you can trust that we will be one step ahead, ensuring that you maintain a competitive edge within your industry.
Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Financial Accounting Audit, Advisory and Reporting Services

In our never-ending crusade for a society without tax problems, we’ve held the fort through our financial accounting and reporting services. We’ve help companies reinforce their presence in their markets, solving problems that make them more productive, more successful and even more competitive. In our pursuit to empower your organisation, we make sure that your applications are in accordance with the accounting standards under IFRS and Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC).


Tailoring experience, technology and innovative solutions that deliver meaningful benefits to your organisations’ day to day processes, ensuring your books are always at a point of order. Our accounting services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Management Statements
  • VAT201 Submissions
  • EMP201 Submissions
  • EMP501 Employer Reconciliations
  • CIPC Services
  • Independent Reviews
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Income Tax Registrations
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • VAT Registrations
  • Payroll Services
  • Workman’s Compensation Registrations & Services
  • UIF Returns and Services
  • BBB-EE Certificates

Fraud Risk Management

Fraud is one of the most substantial threats to viability and sustainability of any organisation. Damage caused by fraud can go far beyond purely financial losses or regulatory enforcement. It impacts lives for the worst, and we limit those chances of it occurring. This can result in significant adverse business impact undermining relationships, reputation and brands that are essential for the organisation’s continuous growth and success. Our fraud risk management services include:

  • Forensic Investigation 
  • Forensic Audit 
  • Anti-fraud Strategy 
  • Fraud Prevention Plan 
  • Fraud Related Policies 
  • Fraud Risk Assessments 
  • Fraud Awareness 
  • Fraud Vulnerability Review 

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